Dienstag, 24. März 2009

Before/After "the station"

Here is the little Before and After of my most recent shot "the station"

Thanks for waiting so long for this post. I have been too lazy to blog something.

greetings from the Ivory!


Donna j. Gehl hat gesagt…

Very very nice!!

Taglia hat gesagt…

Great job, I like it. I like your photos.

emptyoceans hat gesagt…

Hi! I want to use your nuclear pic in an online newspaper. Its non-commercial now, based in India but will not be in the future. I cant see your contact details so I can get permission.

see sample www.8ak.in/newspaper.html

Chandler E. Landow hat gesagt…

I like how you gave it that purple tone to add a vintage look.

-Chandler (flickr.com/celandow)

Sandra Swan hat gesagt…

you should totally do a tutorial of your postprocessing technique, I'm an ass with photoshop.
I'd really appreciate that ;)