Sonntag, 5. April 2009

Before/After "where does it lead us?"

After the first look, I put it into the "nothing special" pigeon-hole.

When I looked through my archives today I developed it and loved it from the same moment on.
I started the postpro with correcting the WB which was set to a very warm color as you can see in the Before image. After that I proceeded with adding some colored layers, played around with the blending modes, added a little vignette and enhanced the single part colors to get all of them really clear and shiny. I had to spin it a bit because the horizon was not completely horizontal due to the darkness I shot this in.

The whole postpro took no more than 15min until I was completely happy with it.
I really love this style and I now recognized that shooting at night is the best way to achieve it. I made the same experience when I postprocessed this:


What I especially like about it is the big purple amount of it which I really adore.

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kim a hat gesagt…

I love both of these photos. Do you use photoshop? I don't know how to work photoshop, but you seem like quite the pro!