Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

Featured on

Hey guys,

I havent been posting during the last months, I just totally forgot about it.

But now I have been featured on

I am really proud and thankful to have my artworks featured there, they are featuring awesome artists and to stand in a line with them is flattering me.
Thanks to Paulo Gabriel for publishing me. Peace.


Laura hat gesagt…

Congrats! I love my Abduzeedo iPhone app. Standing in line or waiting at a traffic light, I'll scroll through and be inspired! I'm sure you will have many more to be showcased on their site! Again, congrats!

Sara Doane hat gesagt…

I nominated you for a stylish blogger award!

Anonym hat gesagt…


My name is José Carlos Marques and I’m responsible for the website SHAREMAG.NET – a nonprofit website that intends to present and reveal authors and artistic projects.
I saw your work, and would like to invite you to present it on SHAREMAG.NET. Please visit it and let me know if you'r interest to:

Thank You.