Montag, 23. Februar 2009

Behind the scenes "welcome to the playground"

Here is a little view behind the scenes for all who were wondering how I did my most recent shot "welcome to the playground".

the setup:

I used a remote control, which can be seen next to the mini tripod and a disco light with 6 different colors. I set it to the highest speed so that all colors can be seen in the finished image.
I took about 150 images of this scene until I found one that I liked.
This is PSOOC because I only cropped it a bit to lead the focus to the cap in a better way.

Here is another shot I did in this series but I prefered the canon one at the end so I will only publish this one here:

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This way I also want to thank all the studious flickrites who are supporting me with their faves, comments, mails and their critique.
I really appreciate your feedback!


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