Freitag, 20. Februar 2009

Blog Header

As you have already seen when you read this, I have created an image Header for my Blog. It was kind of a one-minute work only to reaplace this disgusting white letters.
Now I am pretty unsure about it.

What do you think? Is it good this way?
What could I do to improve it?
Is the image a good one for it?
Which would you might suggest?

Many many questions but I would love to read your opinion!!
I had the feeling that most of the people here dont like the commenting function so of course you can also write me on flickr.
Main thing is that you answer at all please! =)

Thanks in advance to all of you!



Mike the B hat gesagt…

I like it but it seems bare on the sides. I have enjoyed the blog and your work. Thanks

HosieMosie hat gesagt… the top of my head...

Great picture! I love what you do with your camera and in Photoshop :o)

The actual text looks like an afterthought. I'd maybe try a font change, and tone down the whiteness? But thats just opinion.

Lorna. (flickr Lorna Hosie Mosie)

Anonym hat gesagt…

I really like the photo used... I am a bit of a font nut though, and I'm sure that there is a more interesting one out there than that.

(I like dropping by every now and again. They have some rather nice fonts given that they are free)

Richard hat gesagt…

Not bad, but I think it doesn't reflect to all of your work. (The image itself is great, but the header I'm not so sure of).

I think you need a more raw, urban-like header. One that reflects life itself.

If you keep this one, look out for another font and play around with it.
Besides that, it's just a header after all...

Chandler E. Landow hat gesagt…

I like how it is now - looks great. I wouldn't change it!

Sweetstuff hat gesagt…

I really like your blog header! To me it means imagination. To me that is what you are all about. I really like what you put in pictures. A part of yourself.