Samstag, 27. Juni 2009

My Images on Getty Images. Part 2

As I told you before some images of mine are on Getty for sale and I had the chance to nominate five more to appear on Getty.  Yesterday I got the answer and they told me that they want 4 of the 5 images that I suggested. Pretty good percentage in my opinion. I was really surprised when I got their mail because they do not only want 4 of the 5 I suggested but even 4 other images that they found on my stream theirselves.

The images they also wanted are these ones:



I pretty much understand this selection, lets say I understand 3 of them but the last one is really not reasonable for me. Maybe this is hard for me to understand because Getty inconclusively looks for artistic images only but for simple images that show something special too. I shot this from a fitting room and it was pretty much a snapshot. At this day I have been really unsure about the question if I should upload it. Now I am really happy that I did.

If you want to have an overview about my shots on Getty you can get it here. But those news are not everything that is going on with Getty at the moment. The other thing is a second "Its your turn" action that gives me the chance to nominate 10 more images of myself for being added to the Getty collection. I was really happy when I heard that because Getty is the only way for me to earn some money with my photography and I am really interested in increasing my selling chances. So at the moment I am looking through my stream and making mind notes which images I could suggest. That is why I have created the "Getty" set on Flickr.

If you like to help me you can do this with simply nominating 10 images from that set. I would be happy if you would do that.

So lets see what comes out. My first overview of sales will be available at 20th of July and until that day I have no idea if there has been any sales made yet.

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Oh! Schöne Neuigkeiten =)
Mein persönlicher Favorit dieser Serie ist ja das Litschi-Bild, glaube ich.