Dienstag, 2. Juni 2009

My "It's your turn" picks for Getty Images

As I have written several times before I have contributed images of mine to Getty Images. From today on they are on sale and available here.

As some of you may know Getty Images gives its Contributors the chance to suggest five more images of them to Getty to be added to their stock. They set no other limits than that only persons who already contributed are allowed to suggest images and that it can be no more than five.

I have a had a hard time deciding. I even asked the flickr community to help me with that issue. At the end I had to decide on my own. The problem for me was that I havent got any idea what kind of photography is good stock photography that means what is selling good. So I worked through my stream, making notes of the ones which could be good, striked off and worked through my stream again. I like so many of my own photographs but I knew that the ones that I like may not be the ones that sell best.

At the end I made my decision by especially looking for unique images that are one of a kind. I think these are the ones that dont have to fight the competition and are outstanding this way. I hope that I am right.

Here they are:

No Entry?!


Take the pill, live happily ever after

Down the wishing well

Enter the sky

That I suggested them does not mean that they will really go on sale. Getty will have a look at them and will decide if they qualify for their stock and if the quality is good enough for the high Getty standard.

Let's see what comes out.


d5e hat gesagt…

bei den erten beiden geh' ich mit... bin gespannt was da aus den anderen wird... :)

Vie hat gesagt…

Hi.. great pics you have.. i put it in my blog if you don't mind.. it really suits to the story i wrote. thank you