Sonntag, 18. Januar 2009

Fisheye = Problems

Hey Guys,

I did not post for a week and just thought that the time is up for a new post.
As you can see from the title of this one I have got problems and need your help!

What is worrying me is my most recent purchase: a 0.45x Fisheye Conversion Lens that I bought on ebay.

I will explain this system for everybody who has never heard of this.
It is not a real lens that you can put on your camera body but an additional lens that you can screw on your existing lens to achieve a change in the focal distance.
In my story this should reduce my focal distance by the factor of 0.45 to reach a fisheye effect. I put it on my 18-55mm Canon lens and was disappointed from almost the first second on. The AF did not work at all and the manual one always showed a blurred image. I worked that out with the help of a friend of mine who told me that this lens doesnt only reduce the focal distance by the factor of 0.45 but the aperture too. So I manually set the aperture to f/22 and what I got were some sharper images. Despite that I am not happy with the results at all.

I uploaded the results on Flickr.

Click Here

I would really appreciate every opinion of you out there. Please watch the slide show of this set and then tell me what you think. Should I keep it? Or send it back?
It wasnt too expensive but I am really unsure whether I can live with these results.
The alternative would be a real Fisheye lens but these ones are definitely too expensive for me!

What should I do? Please help me!

BTW: I am looking for a 50mm f/1,4 or f/1.8 Lens that fits to my Canon EOS 400D at the moment so if you want to sell one please contact me. I am glad for every offer!

Thanks in advance for you help I am helpless without you!

greetings Ivo


kerry hat gesagt…

i think you'd be better off saving your money and seeing if you can get a true fisheye lens.

Anonym hat gesagt…

HI, i'm waiting for a lens like yours but 72 mm of dimeter , yours is 58mm..
I think that you obtain ugly results because you don't use in the right way this lens!
In kit normally they put often a macro lens that it can be user alone, but if you don't use with wide angle lens, you'll change right distance to focusing.
The macro lens allows to focus near object, if you don't use you can't focus on it.
So wide angle lens is like a near object for the 18-55mm..

If you close to F/22 you improve depth of sharpness you can focus very well but it is only a physical consequece..
so if you don't use macro lens you can't focus.
It is like a normal lens that if you bring too much near to an object, you can't focusing on it, but if you close a lot diaphram you improve the situatian.
You should delete, with macro lens add vignetting in the angle that now i see.
Your lens is like this.. and in all selling i see often linked with macro lens..

when it'll arrive to me i try it for you.

BYe bye Max.