Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009


I am absolutely overwhelmed!
Today I reached the 1000 Viewers mark here on my Blog and this is the result of the first(!) month.
For me this is a very clear sign to go on and let you take a look behind the scenes further on.
My first post has been published on 3rd of December and I want to thank you all now, nearly a month after the first post, for your following and your helpful comments and mails on flickr.
I hope you are interested in more of my Before/Afters and the Stories behind the images
and you will also give me your feedback in the future.

Keep on clickin'!!



Anonym hat gesagt…

hi there...your before after photos are very reflective. and congrats on the 1000 views! thats quite an achievement.

Kocourek hat gesagt…

You really can be proud of your success!
Your photos are great, and your "Before/After" serie is really interesting - one can learn lot of interesting stuff about photos processing...
Keep up your good work!

Anonym hat gesagt…

ey keen ding, habn wa doch gerne gemacht ;)
weiter so und so =)

Ian Livesey hat gesagt…

Well done on the first 1k.