Freitag, 23. Januar 2009

The HDR mastering tutorial

I am absolutely proud to present you this tutorial.
The following content has not been done by me but by my good friend d5e whom I came to know due flickr. We did many Urbex trips together in berlin and we help each other a lot with giving tips i.e. in photography or photoshop.
He has got a wide knowledge of the techniqual part of photography from the shooting itself to the postprocessing and there were many situations in in the past where he helped me with things I never heard before. This is why I give him the opportunity to write tutorials from time to time here on my blog. If I would to such a thing myself I fear it wouldnt be as helpful as his ones.

BTW: d5e's tutorials will always be signed with an overview of what is about to follow such as the following. This is how you can recognize them.
I hope you like it.

HDR tutorial splash

The video

If you want to take a look at the process of creating this HDR just click on the play-button.
We recommend to view it in large to see whats going on.

Final Version on flickr

About this tutorial

A lot of people mess around with HDR. And a lot more people think of extremely super contrast tone mapping artwork when thinking of HDR. In this tutorial I want to show you, that HDR photography is nothing special and easily to handle if you pay attention to the original photo and do not loose yourself or your photography in tone mapping extremism. Tone mapping is just a tool and as all tools it should be handled carefully. Its all about enhancing the quality of a photography, not destroying its sense.


You need flash to play this video. Your browser has to support also iframes and javascript.

Take a look at the mastered version on flickr

This is a guest tutorial made by d5e. Visit my flickr stream.


Jill hat gesagt…

That was a really helpful tutorial! Thank you for posting it!

Richard hat gesagt…

Hi Ivory,

I've been watching your photos since a long time and you are a gifted and talented guy. I love your work and your processing! Amazing how a quite "dull" photo can look great in the end with a little tweaking.

And your weblog gives me a little insight peek and knowledge about how you do your post-processing on your photos.
Very useful and it teaches me alot!

Thanks a lot man and keep the photos coming.
Two thumbs up.

Schöne Grüße aus Holland,