Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2008

Before/After "Going Underground"

Took this on my way to work.
I was already impressed when I saw it on the display of the cam, when I looked at it in large I was much more impressed.
What I did to this was strengthen the contrast, changing the colors and as a last resort I added an adjustment layer "solid color", filled it with ruby and blended it with the image.
This is how I reached this uniquely effect.

Thanks for all the feedback.


ptoxy hat gesagt…

this is so great. i learn so much from others, and some people are so secretive about their technique. thanks for sharing--i look forward to your posts.

JRen hat gesagt…

Great job! Really like the "after" picture.

Ian Livesey hat gesagt…

What I like about it is that there is nothing in it that is not exactly as the subway/train station operators would like it.

No lights out, no signs peeling, no graffiti, no littler. So nothing in it that was 'added' except the sole woman.

Nicely done.

Cara hat gesagt…

this is a great processing. thanks for sharing the details with us.

areallnamestaken? hat gesagt…

awesome! Thanks for the explanation. Always wondering what technic people use ;)