Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2008

Before/After "The Viewers"

This is another one of my Top 3 of my own works.
I took this on a visit of an old, abandondoned building here in berlin.
Me and my photo mate stood on a canopy and enjoyed the awesome view over berlin when a couple, which grilled there, stood up and walked over to the edge of this canopy to view the smokestacks. I had no option but shooting this scene because it already looked like a poster motive when I stood up there and watched this scene.
I also thought about the postprocessing I could do to this one as early as I stood up there.

When I was back home I was a little disappointed because this image wasnt as effective as I had imagined.
But after I cropped it, it seemed like a totally different image.
The balance was perfect and my I became absorbed by thoughts about what these people could think about.
The main thing I did to this was converting it into an old, monochrome, industrial style by using adjustment layers.
As you can see from my other posts, I mostly use adjustment layers because it is non-destructive and a way to change every effect I added at every time of postprocessing.

My Intention with this was it to create a timeless motive.
I hope I reached that.

Thanks for every reader of this blog.


Wesley hat gesagt…

Yeah the crop works great. I always crop my shots even when it's just a few pixels from one side.
It's impossible that the format of the camera's sensor fit the my needs exactly. Nicely done!

JRen hat gesagt…

I love what you did to it... the adjustment layers and the way you cropped it really make it much more effective. Great job. :)