Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2008

The Story behind..."a typical office day"

a typical office day

This may not be one of the techniqually most challenging or most effective images but the way this came into being was a very funny one.
At the moment I do a civilian service here in berlin what means that I have got a boring job, no fun but mich time for doing nonsense.

At this day I sat in my office, playing around with my camera and just shooting around with my cam. Do you know that when you want to shoot unconditionally but you havent got any inspiration? Thats what describes this situation best.

After two hours of shooting around it occured that I got the task to dispose the cardboard which was already stacked up 2 meters or something like that.

That was when I had an idea.
I creeped in one of the cardboard boxes and shot this.

I wasnt really convinced of that so I kept on shooting until I got the idea for this "roboter".
I designed a story for a tryptych in my head and converted it into an image.
It lasted about one hour to finish that and then I started shoooting this series.

But there were some special problems that occured during the shoot.
I could not see anything through this helmet so I had to feel out the camera for triggering the selftimer.
It was also hard to use the body language to convey the meaning of the images because you never know before what the head- and hand-position will "tell" the viewer.
This is why I had to interpretate how the images effected me and customized the story to fit that.

During the shoot another funny situation happened.
I was in the whole costume even more I tied round some strap around my knees to have a nice detail on the image when it knocked on the door and a client of my company wanted to talk about something.
It was a tough situation because the act of pulling down the whole stuff and trying to hide it produced some terrible noises in this little office.
Don't worry nobody recognized something and I did not get any problems.
Afterwards I have to say that it was a really funny shoot and that I got some very cheery reactions of some friends of mine.
Maybe you try this some day. Just freak out and dont forget to shoot it.

Thanks to every follower of this.

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