Montag, 8. Dezember 2008

The Story behind..."Trip"


Almost 1000 Views.
180 people call this a favourite.
Not bad.
I think this is enough as a reason to write something about it, especially because it is one of my personal Top 3 of my works.

At this day, it was in June or July, I absolutely wanted to do some shooting.
I hadnt got any real idea but I had to do just anything!
It looked like it were going to rain but this did not suffice to stay at home.
So I packed my sombrero and did go to a field next to my home by bike.

I set up my tripod and did some test shots to find the perfect camera setting.
This was very hard for me, especially because of the fact that I was a beginner and my camera was almost virgin.
The biggest problem was it to find the focus because I did this shooting alone by using the selftimer, what led me to stand behind the camera when it focussed.
I bootstrapped by setting a high aperture, so it wasnt necessary to set the focus perfectly.

Then the time had come to start shooting.
I prepared my outfit at the time when I found a little yellow balloon between some bush.
I imagined how this would look like on my image and I absolutely loved the thought.
Then the shooting began.
The rain forced me to stop many times and I had to protect my camera against it.
In the little breaks of the rain I ran onto the field to shoot.
In this rush I forgot to cast off my bag which can be seen on the image.
When I saw the result later I liked the bag on it because it gives a feeling as if this would be a long journey.
Because of the breaks and the repeating "starting seltimer, running onto the field, shooting, viewing" process, this shooting lasted almost 2 hours but for me the result justifies this effort.

After I was back home I did a HDR Imaging to this image but it did not convince me at all. So I saved a JPG of this on my desktop and did not pay any attention to it for month.
About a month ago I accidentially found this, remembered the shooting and absolutely adored it.
It needed some more postprocessing(I had to work on the JPG because I hadnt got the RAW Files anymore) but after this I was absolutely delighted.
The strong contrast of the sky and the field, the high contrast of the clouds and the way this balloons contrasts the golden field got me completely.

Most of he reactions I got were very positive and I am proud that so many people like what I do.
Thanks for all this interest in my Artwork AND my Blog.
Keep on clickin!


Suresh hat gesagt…

thanks alot for sharing thought of ur efforts..execpting many more good pics from you..

Priya hat gesagt…

Welcome to the blog world and you will enjoy it meeting people from different walks of life. Your pictures are always amazing and excellent. Good luck on your new blog;)

JRen hat gesagt…

I'm one of the people who faved this... it's an amazing shot.