Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2008

The Beginnings

There are always situations in which I look at images from others on flickr and I think: "I will never reach that level".
Mostly this is based on the photoshop part of the specific image.
I think some of you may have just started working with photoshop and are impressed of all the possibilities. Or they are overchallenged with all the little buttons.
What I can tell you from my personal experience is that it is not impossible to learn it but that you will need much time for reaching a level on which you know the basics so that you can work targeted to get a specific effect.

Why do I tell all this?
I looked through my computer these days and found some images which show my development in the last year. I started working with photoshop about 1 1/2 years ago and I will show you the first images I made in that time.
You will probably laugh but I was as proud as one can be when I finished them.

So here is the absolutely first one:

As you can see I tried to parody the iPod advertisings.
This lasted hours after hours but I did not use a tutorial but did it completely on my own.

Another one from that time is this one:

This was the first one with a real statement but the main reason was practicing.
All these were very funny to make because I never had to use photoshop but I just wanted to do those cool things that those people on the internet can.

This one was uninspired. I tried to do a photo mashup.

The last one of this series.
The thought behind this was to create a logo for me but I wasn really convinced of this final result. I found it too unprofessional to use it.
Unfortunately I havent found one yet.

Ok thats it. I hope it was an interesting look in the past for you and that you will see my artwork a little bit different now.

Always remember:

Dont be intimidated by the ultra-professional images of some artists.
They also started with little things and enhanced from that point.

And a good tip I can give you:

If you want to see where and artist has begun, look at the first page of his flickr stream. Most of the times this is very helpful to see that absolutely everybody has started with the little things.

greetings and I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


FestiveRhino hat gesagt…

Thanks for the advice on the photoshop! Very encouraging little blog :)
Can't wait to start messing around with it as soon as I get it, and practice editing some photos hehe

Silviald hat gesagt…

Hi Crazy Ivory

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It's inspiring! I don't really do photoshop, but other things are the same---everyone should start from zero.

Looking forward to more nice pictures at your photostream.

Merry Xmas!