Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2008

Happy End? or Beginning?

Happy End?

This Image is called "Happy End?".
This may not be the best Name to start a Blog but who say that it is forbidden?
So I will do it though.
I started this Blog to publish my personal favourite Images of mine and to have the possibility to write about it.
Until today I only posted my images on Flickr but for me this is not enough because I dont want to show all my images on here but just the ones which are very important to myself.
I also wanted to show the stories behind these images and everything about it i.e. Before-Afters or such things.
English is not my mothertongue so I hope you will tolerate grammar or spelling mistakes and just see what is meant with it.

Thats it for the first time.
I will leave you alone with "Happy End?".
What are your feelings about that image?
I would really like to read that.

2008-12-3 Ivo


anna coluthe hat gesagt…

I find this picture beautiful and the cloud seems to explain the title. it's a little bit fantastic, unreal, like the smoke which escape from a magic lamp. A dream, at the end of the road...

Anonym hat gesagt…

I like this image. I've recently stumbled upon your work on flickr and really love the photos that you have taken and seen the progress that you have undertaken and it is inspiration to say the least.

I am truely grateful for your blog, for it has answer a lot of my questions regarding how other photographs felt more advance then mine and made me realized how much I haven't been paying attention to my post processing skills.

I've neglected to explore that part of my photography and looking at your before and after posts and it has inspired me and awaken a sort of craving in pushing pass my limitations and exploring at what more I can and should be doing.

This particular photo of yours conveys to me a meaning of a Happy Beginning in representing you, as a photographer in the beginning, with nothing but to move forward into an unknown horizon, which represent the beginning that offers countless and limitless .

Anonym hat gesagt…


(forgot to add that on my last post haha)